The ladies of SISTAR transformed into 1960s muses for a photo shoot for Elle magazine.

In the August edition of Elle, the SISTAR members displayed their beauties with the inspiration of the Andy Warhol muse, Edie Sedgwick.

Through the photo shoot, SISTAR also shared their feelings on successfully ending their “Give It To Me” promotions.

Dasom and Bora stated, “We didn’t expect such a hot response so we felt dazed. We received so much more love than we expected, we were really happy.” They also left a long message of thanks to all their fans for their love and interest.

SISTAR also shared that they were shocked to see so many international fans supporting them. Hyorin also admitted that she searches herself on the Internet to see how the fans think about SISTAR’s performances and songs.

While “Give It To Me” swept music charts and raised SISTAR’s popularity even more, the ladies recently appeared on KBS’s “Immortal Song” and received a lot of love from the viewers again.