SISTAR’s Bora revealed that she didn’t like having the structure of the relationship with 4minute which was competition.

SISTAR and 4minute appeared on the cable channel QTV’s “4minute’s Trouble Maker.” On the show, Bora stated, “SISTAR and 4minute have always released their new songs at the same time. We have always been compared with 4minute. Wherever we go we get compared with 4minute. The competition structure against 4minute was uncomfortable and I hated it.”

Soyu who used to be a 4minute trainee added, “When SISTAR was #1 on a music program I had nightmares for 4 days. In front of my eyes the 4minute members I was close to kept getting stomped on and my heart hurt.”

4minute’s leader Jihyun stated, “When we had interviews we were always asked about SISTAR.”

This episode will be broadcast on August 1.