For Hyundai’s new “Velaster Turbo” advertisement, SISTAR’s Bora showed off her sexiness that is hotter than Megan Fox! (One of Bora’s poses is reminiscent of a scene with Megan Fox in the film “Transformers.”) Bora is shown wearing short pants that show off her honey thighs and sexy charms.

Netizens that have come across the pictures stated, “Wow she is sexier than Megan Fox,” “I want to become that car,” and “No one but Bora could pull that off! Her beauty has come to light. Every time I look at her I am bedazzled.”

A representative of Hyundai Motor Company stated, “SISTAR’s Bora is both sexy and easy going. She also has the charms and eyes of a female warrior. During the filming of the advertisement, all of the male staff was struck by her charm. She perfected a sexy and captivating picture.” 

What do you think, who is hotter?