Sistar’s Bora revealed a picture of herself on the set of a music video filming wearing a 1.7 million dollar necklace.

On August 3rd through her twitter, she wrote “A picture of me during the MV. Because of the necklace the price of my body is now 1.7 million dollars.”

The necklace is from a brand called “Mucha” and is the work of designer Kim Jung Joo. As seen in the picture, Bora is showing off her glamorous picture that is accentuated by the expensive jewelry.

Netizens that have come across the photo stated, “Bora catches my attention more than the necklace itself,” “1.7 million? Wow, she must be nervous just wearing that thing.”

Sistar is releasing their first official album on August 9th, they are currently preparing for their comeback.

Source: Star In