Dasom, from the current hit group Sistar, recently made an appearance on “Happy Together”  again to reveal what happened after the last time she guested on the show.

Her episode was broadcasted on August 30 and it was a “3 Beauties” special. Actresses Hwang Shin Hye and Park Ji Yoon also guested since they, including Dasom, are currently filming for “Shut Up Family.”

Dasom confessed on the show last time that their CEO gives Hyorin special treatment. She talked about that time, “I worried a lot. Would things really change? I checked my name on the search engine and saw a lot of negative comments.”

She continued, “After the show was broadcasted, the CEO came up to me and asked, ‘Were you very sad?’ and gave me a vacation. It was for 8 days, but since I had to prepare for the drama, I rested for about 3 days.”

Dasom added, “My manager called right before the recording today. Before the previous recording, he said, ‘Minus cursing, say everything. Speak freely.’ But today he said, ‘Be careful with what you say’” drawing much laughter from the recording studio.