Dasom, from girl group Sistar, is the leading lady for K. Will’s music video for his upcoming title track “Please Don’t.” A couple behind-the-scenes pictures of her in a wedding dress have been released and is grabbing the attention of many in the online community.

On October 8, Starship Entertainment has released a video teaser for K. Will’s title song through their official site and social media channels. Inside the video, Dasom is a youthful bride riding along in the passenger seat of a car looking patiently at her man.

Many netizens who saw her pictures portraying her flawless, porcelain skin and youthful elegance in a tube top wedding dress made commented, “Dasom has such a pretty face. Her face is crazy beautiful!” “I can’t wait for K. WIll’s new song,” “Just how much prettier can she get?” “She’s too pretty to be pretty,” showing her growing popularity outside of Sistar fandom.

In other news, K. Will’s full length album will be released on October 11.

Soompiers, isn’t Dasom getting prettier these days? Who else looks pretty in a wedding dress?