On April 3, pictures of a very sexy Hyorin from girl group, SISTAR, surfaced on an online community message board.

Upon viewing the pictures, visitors commented, “I didn’t know that Sistar’s Hyorin’s figure was this great!”, “She is definitely bootylicious!” and, “I wonder what Hyorin is doing at a club?”

The pictures show Hyorin at a club in a nude form-fitting dress, leaning her body against the bar counter. The pictures became an instant hot topic since the images have not been re-touched in any way. Netizens have even coined her backside, “apple hips.”

Sistar has been working on their comeback album. They will be releasing their new music video, which was shot overseas and features a brightly lit Las Vegas night backdrop. Their album is set for an April 12 release and fans have been waiting with anticipation for Sistar’s comeback performance and album.

Hyorin of Sistar