As we reported earlier, SISTAR’s Hyorin was sent to the hospital due to high fever. In the morning of April 12 she performed on “M! Countdown” and in the afternoon she attended a showcase event. It appears that she is suffering from both food poisoning and influenza.

However, don’t worry SISTAR fans, Hyorin will appear on the April 13 KBS “Music Bank” show! Her agency stated on April 13, “Hyorin will head to “Music Bank” straight from the hospital. Her fever has dropped a lot but she is still feeling abdominal pain. We are currently watching her condition.”

After Hyorin was hospitalized she tweeted, “I tried to hold on but I have both influenza and food poisoning and that is why I am hospitalized. I am so sorry that I keep showing you such a disappointing side when I want to show you my best. I will get better as fast as I can and show you my best.”

Her agency stated, “There are three comeback stages for the big 3 broadcasting company music shows. We are taking measures to make sure that her condition does not get worse.”