It was reported today that SISTAR made changes to their choreography for “So Cool” in order to prevent being involved in any “sexually suggestive dance” controversies.

The choreography for SISTAR’s “So Cool” was created by DQ, who’s known for working with Rain, BEAST, and MBLAQ in the past. The “tail dance” involved in “So Cool” was expected to be another popular dance move, following SISTAR’s “hip dance” from “How Dare You” and the sexy leg moves from the “Ma Boy” choreography.

But after a series of recent controversies regarding “sexually suggestive dances,” SISTAR decided to change the “tail dance,” which has sparked a lot of interest from fans immediately upon its MV release this week.

“In order to prevent running into any problems with our TV promotions, especially following the stricter review standards recently, we’ve decided to change the choreography. You’ll be able to see the new dance moves on SISTAR’s TV performance,” the group’s agency, Starship Entertainment, said.

Netizens commented, “Does this mean we can only see ‘tail dance’ on MVs?” “It sucks because I knew the dance was going to be an instant hit,” and “I look forward to the changed choreography too.”

SISTAR’s comeback performance for “So Cool” is scheduled for August 11th on Mnet’s “M! Countdown!” Check out the MV below and let us know if you agree with SISTAR’s decision!