SISTAR’s Soyoo tweeted a picture of her lion mane hairstyle with the caption, “In the middle of a shoot.  A wild hairstyle. I really like it.”

Another picture shows the singer in a white-silver dress accented with a pink ribbon.  In the image, Soyoo has a cute doll-like expression on her face, and her lion mane hairstyle highlights the outfit and concept.  

In the other tweeted image, the lion mane hairstyle covers her entire face, making it difficult to make out if she is facing the camera or if her back is to the camera.

Netizens commented on the photos: “SoYoo’s daring transformation,” “She looks good with any hairstyle,” and “Not anyone can pull of this look.”

SISTAR’s recent single, “Alone,” has been gaining momentum on the charts and on April 27, on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank,” the single reached number one.

SISTAR's Soyoo