SISTARs Soyu and hip-hop’s rising artists Geeks will release a collaboration album. Their track, “Officially Missing You Too” will be released on November 1.

This album is part of a project called “Re:Code,” which is being planned and produced by Loen Entertainment. The project is to take tracks from skillful underground artists and arrange them to be more mainstream. Then, the underground artists will collaborate with popular artists to sing the re-arranged track.

The group Geeks, who has been recognized as musically gifted and has quite a strong fandom and one of the hottest idol group SISTAR’s Soyu have been selected as the first collaborative artists for this project.

“Officially Missing You Too” will be like the second part to Geeks’ debut track “Officially Missing You,” which contains samplings the original track by Tamia.  Soyu’s charming and husky tone along with Geeks’ explosive rap skills is expected to bring a great harmony.

The music video for “Officially Missing You Too” will feature some of the hottest celebrities right now such as Haha, Jung Tae Ho, Brownie, Sunny Hill‘s Jubee and Block B‘s Zico.