SISTAR‘s Soyu revealed the type of body that she likes and also evaluated her own figure.

On the June 24 episode of MBC‘s “Radio Star,” Secret‘s Jeon Hyo Sung, SISTAR’s Soyu, fitness trainer Ye Junghwa, and cheerleader Kim Yeon Jung appeared for a “Summer Women Who Turn Heads” special.

This being Soyu’s second appearance on the show, she seems a lot more comfortable and shows off all of her charms with her trademark husky voice.

During the show, she says honestly, “Kim Yeon Jung’s figure isn’t my style. People all have different preferences but I don’t like thin figures with muscles. I like voluminous and long bodies. Ye Junghwa has the body type that I like.”

When asked to brag about her own body as much as she wants, she says, “From the back view, I’m pretty from my back down to my butt and my thighs.”

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