Girl group Sistar‘s member Soyu will be releasing a fitness video.

On June 22, Soyu will be releasing a special fitness video in collaboration with e-commerce site 11st. The informational video, titled “Soyu’s Hot Body,” will consist of three parts containing unique exercise routines. The video will be divided by exercise routines for “in the office,” “at home,” and “after eating.”

The idol star’s agency Starship Entertainment announced, “We’ve created a very informational but fun video that will break the boundaries between everyday routine and exercising.” They further added, “The video will also be very complementary to Sistar’s upcoming comeback single ‘Shake It,’ adding onto the fun.”

“Soyu’s Hot Body” will become available on 11st’s special women’s page “Ladies’ Lounge” on June 22. Soyu’s group Sistar will be returning with “Shake It” also on June 22.

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