Park Yura, older sister of EXO‘s Chanyeol, recently made a notable achievement!

On April 5, a representative from news outlet YTN confirms that Park Yura was one of the candidates that was picked during the final round of YTN’s latest anchor recruitment process, making her one of their newest anchors.

Park Yura has been working as an announcer for the Busan branch of MBC up until now. She is well known for her calm and poised speaking ability, as well as her beautiful looks and similarity to her younger brother, Chanyeol.

Last year, Park Yura made an appearance during the Busan special of MBC FM4U‘s “Good Morning FM, It’s Jun Hyun Moo,” and showed off a close relationship with her brother when she asked viewers to “please show lots of love for my younger brother Chanyeol.”

Congratulations to Park Yura!

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