As many viewers have seen through “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2,” the cast of Unnies are as close off-screen as they are on-screen!

On April 17, Kim Sook, Jeon Somi, Kang Ye Won, and Han Chae Young went to visit member Gong Minzy at her first showcase to support her solo debut. They also posted congratulatory messages as well as group shots from the showcase. Hong Jin Young also wrote a congratulatory message on her Instagram for her castmate, although she could not attend the showcase due to other schedules.

In a Naver V Live broadcast, the Unnies went shopping for a present for Minzy and asked the viewers what kind of flower Minzy liked. They even joked around, with Kim Sook saying, “We will show the viewers all the kinds of flowers we have available. The prettiest flower is our Somi.” Jeon Somi responded right back with, “This is the most famous flower. The Kim Sook flower.”

You can watch the latest episode of “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” on Viki below! 

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