On August 17th, Siwon uploaded a really funny photoshopped picture on his twitter saying: “I have a new girlfriend. I’m going to reveal her to the public now. Let me introduce my girlfriend to everyone. Lee Sun Hae^^”.

In the picture, we can see a really cute/beautiful/handsome Donghae with long hair smiling at the camera. As soon as the fans saw this picture they started sending him comments such as: “She looks so cute” “Donghae looks hotter even with long hair” and “Siwon, she’s Hyukjae’s girlfriend, you can’t do that!”, the last comment was a really funny one since all ELF fans talk about the EunHae couple.

Also, Heechul tweeted him back saying: “Your girl is living with me now haha” and Donghae replied him and seemed a little bit surprised by the picture: “If I was a girl…I would be looking like this??” to which Siwon replied saying: “No matter how I see it you are prettier than Hyuk”. Minutes later, keeping up with the funny conversation, Heechul uploaded a picture of his own “girlfriend” saying: “My girl”. In the picture, there appears a really cute Hongki wearing a pink dress and a bow over his head.

Finally, BoA also joined the conversation saying: “I just saw Lee Sun Hae’s picture, I feel that she looks like YoonA and Amber combined hahaha” and also “So you miss me ah?! haha even if i went there our Siwon will be busy, anyway I oppose your relationship with Lee Sun Hae!!!” this last tweet made laugh all the netizens who where enjoying and following such a funny conversation.

Source: Siwon and Heechul’s twitter and thanks to sup3rjunior.com