Choi Siwon has taken (again) to Twitter, this time to apologize for his controversial retweet.

On September 11, the Super Junior member had shared a post proclaiming that “so-called same-sex marriage does not exist.” The post in question links to an opinion editorial written in support of Kim Davis, an American county clerk who illegally refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Many fans responded with outrage on Twitter; a day later, Siwon deleted the retweet and apologized to his fans with a series of posts.

For his Korean fans, he also wrote:

“Hello, this is Choi Siwon. I want to deeply apologize for my retweet, which hurt many individuals. I retweeted it in order to include a minority opinion concerning public opinion about the support of same-sex marriage. However, after reading the tweets and words written by many individuals, I realized belatedly that it wasn’t just a problem about minority opinions. I bow my head at hurting many individuals including the fans I love, as well as staff members and everyone who has been with [me], with my thoughtless retweet. I want to communicate more and learn more in the future. Once again, I apologize to everyone I hurt through my retweet.”

Many fans took to Twitter to accept Siwon’s apology, or tell him that he had every right to voice his opinion. All in all, while it looks as though he’s lost more than a few fans, it looks as though he still has the full support of many.