SBS‘ upcoming historical drama “Six Flying Dragons” has revealed an intense main poster starring its six main characters.

The poster was created by well-known photographer Jo Sun Hee. The six actors featured in the poster will be the six main actors that will be leading the story of the drama. The tagline on the poster says, “Struggle of power and justice, we will create a new country.”

The drama will tell the story of how these six individuals, three actual historical figures and three fictional, have contributed to the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty. Kim Myung Min and Yoo Ah In will each play Jung Do Jun and Lee Bang Won respectively, while Chun Ho Jin will portray Lee Sung Kye. Shin Se Kyung and Byun Yo Han will play fictional siblings Boon Yi and Lee Bang Ji. Yoon Kyun Sang will portray swordsman Moo Hyool.

SBS’ 25th anniversary drama, “Six Flying Dragons” will premiere on October 5.

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