On July 8th, member of SJ-M, Henry showed up at the opening ceremony of the SM Entertainment exclusive shop in Taipei, Taiwan, which is the first SME shop outside of Korea.

Henry, as the guest for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, attracted more than 1000 fans packing the street. The ceremony was originally planned to be 30 minutes long, since the crowd was blocking the traffic, but the ceremony had to be shorten to only 10 minutes in the end. Although Henry is now having his vacation, he was happy to meet all the fans in Taiwan for the special event, as even his sister showed up to cheer for him.

In response to fans’ request, he sang a part of SJ-M’s Chinese song “Confession”, and promised he’ll be back whenever he has time.

It seems like you can get almost all the SM’s artists’ official goods here. Now, let Henry give you a tour showing you what’s in the shop!







 Source: Avex Taiwan’s Facebook