An old picture of Secret member Hyo Sung is making the rounds on the internet. The photographs are a series of screencaps from the first season of KBS 2TV‘s “Invincible Youth.” The pictures were titled, “Innocent-looking Hyo Sung from Her Semi-Basement Days.” In that episode, “Invincible Youth” visited Secret’s semi-basement lodgings to film. The camera crew surprised the members and came in while they were sleeping. Hyo Sung’s bare face is what has attracted the attention of netizens, who are used to seeing her perfectly made up face. Their comments included, “It’s not ‘innocence’ it’s just her with messy hair,” and “Secret used to live in that type of place,” “She looks more innocent then than now,” and “She looks cute.”

Secret released a new Japanese single in February titled “So Much for Goodbye.” They also plan on having a Japanese tour in March. Hopefully, all members will be fully rested and ready for their Japanese activities. How would you guys react if a camera crew burst into your room while you were sleeping? While you’re thinking, take a listen to their Japanese song, “So Much for Goodbye.”