It’s been less than a day since SM Entertainment confirmed its new girl group Aespa is soon to debut, and the first member has already been revealed. Meet Winter!

Winter’s teasers depict her in hues of pink, purple, and blue. Her wavy hair and unique eyes stood out to fans immediately.

| SM Entertainment

Some fans are comparing her two-toned blonde and blue hairstyle to the dip-dyed hairstyles Red Velvet showed off during their “Happiness” debut back in 2014.
| SM Entertainment

Others are comparing her visuals to Girls’ Generation member and soloist Taeyeon. There were once rumors that SM Entertainment had a trainee who looked similar to Taeyeon, and many fans think she definitely fits the bill.

| SM Entertainment

Fans think the fantasy land filled with unique, otherworldly flowers shown in the teasers could indicate more about the group’s unique “avatar” concept.

| SM Entertainment

The final teaser SM Entertainment posted has a more mature feel with darker colors and glamorous sparkles.

| SM Entertainment

While SM Entertainment is yet to reveal any details about the first Aespa member, fans think they may already know who she is. It’s rumored that Winter’s real name is Kim Minjeong, and that she’s a South Korean member born in 2001 (making her around 19 years old internationally).

| SM Entertainment

Some believe Winter is also the trainee who appeared on a recent BBC documentary about SM Entertainment. However, others say the trainee in the clip doesn’t quite look like the member revealed in the teaser.

Which member will be revealed to the public next? Take a look at all the known trainees currently under SM Entertainment.

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