SM Entertainment has appealed to the court’s decision of a compulsory arbitration regarding their ongoing legal battle with former EXO members Wu Yi Fan (Kris) and Luhan.

On June 4, SM has filed an appeal to the Seoul Central District Court through their legal representative, stating that they cannot accept the compulsory arbitration. The reasoning behind their appeal has yet to be revealed.

A compulsory arbitration is when the court decides on a settlement between the plaintiff and the defendant when the two parties fail to reach a decision. If neither parties appeal to the court’s decision in two weeks, it becomes the final verdict. However, now that SM has appealed to the court’s arbitration, it has been nullified.

Wu Yi Fan and SM’s legal conflict started in May of last year, while Luhan took SM to court in November of last year. Both have demanded termination of their contract with the agency. Despite multiple meetings, the two sides have yet to reach a settlement.

After their leave, both Wu Yi Fan and Luhan continued to have successful careers in China. Regarding their activities, SM announced, “We are determined to stop illegal entertainment activities of Kris and Luhan, as well as make sure that no other companies are harmed like this,” adding, “the contract with Kris and Luhan will continue to be effective until the final decision is reached in court. Until then, all activities they undergo will be considered illegal, and we will make sure they are held accountable for their actions.”

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