Recently, a photo of Jun Hyun Moo and comedienne Kim Ji Min exiting together from a real estate agency in Seoul has been floating around. Many netizens suggest that they are dating, and looking for a house together, pointing out that Jun Hyun Moo is holding a girl’s bag, as well as the real estate agency itself.

kim ji min jun hyun moo

However, on April 9, a representative from Jun Hyun Moo’s agency, SM C&C, clarified that the rumors of them dating are groundless, and that “Kim Ji Min is currently looking into houses, and Jun Hyun Moo simply accompanied her in order to help.”

They also add, “The backpack Jun Hyun Moo is wearing is his own. We believe there was a misunderstanding that he was holding Kim Ji Min’s bag due to the somewhat feminine design.”

What is your opinion about these rumors?

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