SM Entertainment has officially given its last notification to the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

SM Entertainment held a press conference on November 2 in Seoul 63
Building at 3pm. At the press conference, SM Kim Young Min
representative and SM Japan Nam SoYeong president, SM Han SaeMi and
Jung ChangHwan directors were present.

At the press conference, they revealed their stand about the case brought up by TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun as “a hoax exaggerating on issues of slavery and human rights.”

SM Kim YeongMin rep said, “The 3 members will be able to continue their
individual activities with the application for disposition of the
contract terms. But they have to carry out activities for Dong Bang
Shin Ki through SM.”

“The 2 members (UKnow YunHo and Max ChangMin) will be having their
comeback next year in Korea. 6 months before, everything has been
decided.” and revealed that the 2 members are already preparing for
their comeback next year.

With that Kim said, “We will request for the 3 members to give an answer by 12th November.”

He also added, “This lawsuit did not start due to issues of slavery
and human rights, but due to the individual’s cosmetic businesses. The
3 members were using the contract terms to benefit themselves in the
lawsuit, but what they have in mind all along is their businesses and

He continued, “The 3 members have gone on what they said a vacation
to China in January in 2009, that was when they took part in a cosmetic
business. And we know about that through photos of their company
exposed. And through the website of their company, we got to know that
their titles were directors and they even have their own namecards.”

Representative Kim said, “For this lawsuit, the 3 members also even
think of changing the content to contract to benefit themselves. And
previously in April, during their concert performance in China, the
members also tried to declare trust with other junior singers in the

“We have expressed our concerns of damaging the image and problems
arose from the 3’s cosmetic businesses. We will confirm the contract
and starting from any possible problems that may arise, we want protect
the members. But we don’t see any effort from the 3 members with them
refusing to reveal their contract.”

“This lawsuit is a hoax on the Korean society by exaggerating on the issues of human rights and slavery.”

This is one hell of a mess

And earlier today, UKnow and Max have expressed their support for SM Entertainment

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