SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding illegal acts against their artists and confirmed that they would be taking strong legal action.


They revealed that they have taken the initiative to hire top professionals to handle these illegal acts. “We have commissioned more than 10 law firms to take strong civil and criminal action against such illegal acts.”

With more and more malicious rumors and comments being posted online without any confirmed facts, it is defaming the artists’ image and reputation. “We inform you that the act of spreading such rumors is illegal and subject to legal action.”

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They also revealed that they have been filing complaints that have been coming through their official email. “Our e-mail account that was opened in 2017 has received thousands of reports daily and has confirmed and filed them after discussing with the artist.”

They promise to do their best to protect the rights of their artists. “We will continue to support and protect the rights and honor of our artists and help them grow and improve as artists.”

Read the full statement below:


This is SM Entertainment. In regards to the various illegal acts against our artists, we have brought in over 10 law firms, some of which are the best firms in Korea, to take strong civil and criminal legal actions against all illegal acts. Malicious rumors and defamation posts have been seen circulating on online communities, social networking sites, and portal sites, calling the need for stronger legal action. We are here to inform you that these acts are illegal and subject to strong legal action as well as creating malicious rumors by groundless facts and publishing articles that constitute defamation.

⁠— SM Entertainment


Please be cautious not to get involved in anything like this. Additionally, we have received thousands of reports daily in our e-mail account ([email protected]) which was opened in 2017. We have confirmed and filed complaints from time to time after consulting with the artist. With the continuous stream of malicious comments being posted, we are still taking legal action against a number of cases based on our own monitoring, fan reports, and domestic and overseas platform and portal sites.

⁠— SM Entertainment


We will continue to do our best to protect the rights and honors of our artists and help them develop and grow as artists. We would like to emphasize once again that we will be taking strong legal action against all the various illegal activities like we have done so far. Thank you.

⁠— SM Entertainment