On May 2, SM Entertainment posted a message on SHINee’s Twitter after the recent closing of the official memorial space for member Jonghyun.

The message reads as follows:

“Hello. We sincerely thank all of the fans who visited to cherish the memory of Jonghyun throughout this time.

“We won’t forget the warm hearts of everyone who took the time despite your weariness to come from far away, as winter turns into spring, to remember the artist Jonghyun that you love.

“We think that all of your feelings of longing for Jonghyun were conveyed to him. We have gathered your messages and will keep them safe with gratitude.

“Also, for those who gave strength on Jonghyun’s path, we have taken photos and video of the memorial space so that you can remember the space you made together. We will upload them through SHINee’s official channels so that fans can see them at any time.

“Although we still cannot believe today’s reality after his too sudden departure, we once again sincerely thank the fans who gathered their strength for Jonghyun.”

Jonghyun passed away in December of 2017, and an official memorial space has been kept open for fans at SMTOWN Coex Artium in Seoul from January 27 to April 30.

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