On July 27th, SM Entertainment explained the reasons why they stopped the music service supply for Cyworld since July 20th.

A SM representative made a big and important statement on their official website: “We feel very sorry regarding the fact that there will be no more SM Musical Service available for Cyworld and we recognize this as a serious problem”.

Cyworld’s music service allows subscribers to play music on thier page. Without music by SME, many popular songs are going to be missed.

“We, SM Entertainment, received a notification from the responsible of music service for Cyworld, SK Communications, saying that on July 20th there would be opened a service of “unlimited background music supply” and we thought that this service might affect the actual value of music and it would also cause some problems regarding signing contracts with companies from international countries. So we sent our message declaring that it would be difficult to us to look the conditions and sign for this service in just a short period of nine days.”

They continued, “SK Communications told us that they would stop our service if we do no support their “unlimited background music supply” service and they even did so when their “unlimited background music supply” service became available on July 20th. Also, they stopped the service without our previous consent. They notified us the cessation of the service even when they had already done it. We sincerely apologize to the fans for this inconvenient. Thank you”.

After this message appeared on their official website, fans started complaining and basically coming to the conclusion that this cessation problem is SK Communication’s action without even consulting SM Entertainment previously.

Source: Newsen