F(x) member Amber has been absent from promotional activities since she injured her ankle in June. Her situation has become a concern for netizens and fans who worried about the severity of her injury that has caused her to miss promotions for NU ABO, Mr. Boogie, SM Town tour, and now f(x)’s first reality show “f(x)’s Koala.”

Amber returned to America to rest and allow her ankle to heal. However, her prolonged recovery and absence has stirred rumors of her quitting the group.

An SM Entertainment representative spoke up on the rumors on me2day stating that “Because of Amber’s naturally weak ankle area, yet still forcing herself to attend activities, this had led to her condition worsening. After the diagnosis of the problem, it was concluded that she had to rest in hospital. Due to this situation, she hasn’t been able to attend activities.” The representative clarified that it is impossible that she has quit. 

Meanwhile, f(x) will reveal their dormitory in the first episode of their new show “Koala” on October 2nd. The show will depict their adventures and experiences in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and other cities.

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