Update April 29 KST:

SM Entertainment has now dropped their latest track through “STATION,” a heavy metal song entitled “MINDJACK” by the band Inlayer. Check it out below!


On April 28, SM Entertainment will unveil another new song on their digital music channel “STATION.”

At midnight on April 28, the heavy metal song, “MINDJACK,” from instrumental progressive metal band, Inlayer, will be released on “STATION” as well as individual music sites. At the same time, the music video will be revealed on SM TOWN’s YouTube channel, Naver TV Casting, and more, providing more exposure for the song to a larger audience.

Inlayer, led by guitarist Yang Jin Hyun, received recognition as a talented rookie band last year when they released their first EP, “Sequence.” Their new song “MINDJACK” stands out with rhythmical bass and drums accompanied with sharp and showy guitar riffs.

The music video will feature the band members themselves in a cool performance, with strong visuals and an intense atmosphere befitting the music.

As a music channel that strives to present a variety of music, “STATION” showcases various artists, producers, composers, collaborations, and more. The channel aims to showcase “good music” from a variety of genres and, this time, they anticipate the widespread interest of fans in the heavy metal genre.

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