After all of the attention that JYJ has been recieving lately, SM Entertainment has decided to withdraw their preliminary injunction against the group. An injunction is a court order that refrains a person(s), corporation, or government from doing something.


A representative from JYJ’s PR agency said that “On October 21st, through the Seoul Central District Court, SM Entertainment withdrew their preliminary injunction to prohibit the sales of JYJ’s first album, The Beginning.”

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SM Entertainment filed an injunction on October 12th believing that JYJ had signed an exclusive contract with CJeS Entertainment which would cause a dual contract situation. However, CJeS is the agency that JYJ hired to handle their management work. 


In case you didn’t know, JYJ’s first global album has already exceeded 520,000 pre-orders and they have been continuously selling out their showcases.


SM Entertainment has stated that “the preliminary injunction was supposed to stop the sales but the album has already been released and so it became pointless. Hence, we withdrew the preliminary injunction.”




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