SNSD appears in Japanese, English learning textbooks with the title “K-pop Stars Take on the World.” On online community websites in South Korea, the picture surfaced with the text translated into Korean. Netizens showed their approval and feelings of pride commenting, “SNSD is the best,” “I feel pride,” “That would make me want to study English.”

Obviously, Korean stars appearing on any type of textbooks and introducing the Korean Wave, really shows how big and real the Korean Wave is.

Also, SNSD is coming back to Korea with a new full album this September. Local media reported that the girl group has been working on their third regular album lately and they’ve decided to release it this September.

Following the news of SNSD’s return in September, Korean music industry officials are on alert and will probably avoid releasing any new albums at the same time. “All the attention is going to be paid to SNSD, so going face to face with them would be pointless. Especially, if they release a full album, there’s no question they are going to dominate all the music charts as well,” an industry official was quoted as saying.