SNSD recently held an interview that aired on the Taiwanese broadcasting station CTV News. In the short interview, English-speaking members Tiffany and Jessica revealed how they deal with a tight schedule and their future plans.

Jessica stated, “We stay fresh by being silly” with a laugh. Tiffany continued, “We have normal silly fun times like get together, play games, and talk, and have like sleepovers, eat, girl stuff. Normal girl stuff.”

Tiffany revealed their upcoming plans for the rest of 2011: “We’ll be promoting a brand new album in Korea and touring for the rest of the year most likely.”

Jessica followed up with SNSD’s future aspirations: “Yeah sometime in the future if we get a chance, we would definitely want to sing in English and make it like a worldwide record or something.


As Tiffany revealed, they will be coming back in September with a Korean album. SNSD has been touring in Japan and Korea for the past two summer months. They will perform in Taipei, Taiwan on September 10 and 11.