Update: The release date for their new mini album “Hoot” will be October 27, with the title song “Shoot”. Hopefully they wont be too overworked with promotions in both Korea and Japan, as the Japanese version of “Gee” will be released this week on the 20th.


SM Entertainment have just updated the official SNSD website with a completely new layout, creating hype for what seems to be a third mini-album that will bring SNSD back to Korea.

The website is set up with a rotating dartboard, allowing you to “shoot” your way to information about some of the girls (Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun are currently available) as well as a very brief teaser. We also observe old-style guns and poker cards in the background, giving a spy girl vibe for their new concept.

Check out the new website by clicking here, and in the mean time join fellow SNSD fans by checking out the SNSD sub-forum and SNSD fanclub.