With the Japanese version of “Gee” being released today, we are also treated to the dance version of the Japanese MV. Unlike the Korean dance version which stays in the white room, this one goes back and fourth between the “store” and the white room.

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“wow tiffany really looks like jessica here:-S”

“I got the screen saver. I just watched it again and again. Whoever thought of this deserves a prize. “

“It’s a cute idea but I think it’d be weird haha! de42 The fanboys will love this…”

“I’m so glad these had Mac versions. I already got mine from daum. So cute to watch~”

“i think this idea is cute”

“I dont get how they made faces and such for 30 seconds at the camera. I would never be able to do that XDD so…”

“hehe~ imagine what you would do if you were a member of SNSD in a random place & someones laptop had this…”

“they really should do something with their image. but i guess girlgroups who have this image will stick to that. “

“Why is 20 yrs old puffing up their faces and act like 5 yrs old…? LOL Sooyoung is cute though but the rest…look…”

“i love tiffany’s and seohyun’s here de00 best screensaver ever~!! “

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SNSD’s Daum Screen Savers 309561

By: Sylphid

Daum, a popular search engine in Korea, released promotional screen savers featuring the girls of SNSD. Looking like the are just sitting across from you, each of the girls show off their cute charms. In the second video, they lean forward for a kiss.  

WINDOWS:   http://search-down.d…er_High_Win.exe
MAC:  http://search-down.d…er_High_Mac.zip
(after installing, go to your screen saver settings)

Here is a special mix version by the famous CodeMonmon, if you want to see them all in one go.

The above video is missing the “kiss” from the group version… you may want to watch this one a few times.

Here are the individual ones, if you want to skip to your favorite.










SNSD’s Soompi Fanclub

SNSD’s Subforum