Following in the footsteps of other Korean girl groups such as Kara, T-ara, and4Minute, SNSD will head into the Japanese music scene on August 25th with a showcase of their talents at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo.

SM Entertainment announced this on Friday, adding that the girls will also debut a single under Nayutawave Records – a company that works with many top Japanese artists such as Kiseki. SNSD will be the only Korean group under the label. Both parties hope that SNSD will take the Japanese music industry by storm. After the showcase, they plan to release a single in September.

Though SNSD is quite popular in Korea, it is hard to tell if they can carry on their success in Japan. Girl groups Kara, T-ara, and 4Minute have all either held fan meetings, concerts, or released albums, but their success was limited. Will SNSD be able to shoot to the top of the market and dominate the charts? We’ll know in a matter of months!

Source: Korea Times

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