SNSD is set to perform their first solo concert in Singapore next year in February. Ticket sales are expected to launch at the end of 2011, and further details will be revealed shortly.

Creative Director of Running Into The Sun, Beatrice Chia-Richmond, was responsible for bringing Singapore Korean acts such as “Super Junior Super Show 3″ last December and the recently-announced “SHINee World” upcoming on 10 Sep 2011. She is excited to bring a female Korean girl group for the first time.  

“Now the guys can’t say they’re left out. We’re extremely thrilled to bring Girls’ Generation for their first solo concert in Singapore. Concert-goers will be mesmerized by the girls’ synchronized dance moves and heart-melt-worthy winks,” Beatrice Chia-Richmond says, “We’re sure the temperature at the Singapore Indoor Stadium would rise a few degrees with the arrival of the girls.”

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour, the group’s second concert tour, made its debut in Seoul on July 24th with some 20,000 fans from all around the world. The girls sang a total of 32 songs during the three-hour performance.

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