On August 31, SNSD Sooyoung’s older sister Choi Soo Jin appeared on SBS “Entertainment Tonight” and talked about the recent car accident that resulted in the star singer indefinitely suspending all activities.

Choi Soo Jin, who is a musical performer, told the show, “We saw a lot of blood when the crash occurred and thought for a moment she was going to die. Currently, Sooyoung is diagnosed with a fractured tailbone. It’s impossible to get a cast and there’s no specific method to speed up the recovery, so she was told to just take a lot of rest. She probably won’t be able to attend any immediate activities. But as long as the performance doesn’t involve extreme movements, she is willing to make stage appearances, so she’s expected to resume activities to a certain extent.”

Sooyoung was involved in a car accident on August 28, while heading to a charity event for the visually impaired. It was reported that the car on the opposite lane crashed into the vehicle, resulting in Sooyoung immediately suspending all activities for an extended break. She will not be able to attend the “SM TOWN Live in Tokyo” on September 2 and SNSD’s concert in Taiwan either.

We wish for your quick recovery, Sooyoung!