Yesterday, various internet communities were abuzz when a photo of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) surrounding a newlywed couple surfaced. It’s been revealed that the photo was taken back in May 2010 at their manager’s wedding. In the photos, the girls are wearing their “Oh!” stage costumes and smiling widely as they snapped a photo with the happy couple. Earlier that day, SNSD sang “Oh!” at the opening performance of a football match at Namyang Sports Complex and rushed back to Seoul to attend the wedding. Even without the time to change, the girls in pink, the bride in white, the groom in black, and the light peachish wallpaper added to the romantic vibe of the photo.

Netizens commented, “They must have sung ‘oh!, I love you oppa’ as the congratulatory song!” “Their manager is so lucky!” and “I wish SNSD could come to my wedding.”