Invincible Youth 2” may have gotten off to a rocky start but it’s recently been starting to pick up pace, with the last few episodes being quite interesting to watch, so much so that I’ve started to actually look forward to watching the next week previews to see what they would do next. Imagine the shock I and a lot of other viewers got when we watched this week’s preview and see the scene shown below.

As a short recap of the preview, the “Invincible Youth 2” G8 (Girl 8) members head to a hot spring with some of the grandmothers in the village that they are based in. As you can see in the preview above, Girls’ Generation Sunny can be seen dressed in a pink bikini with a slightly see-through shirt on top. This is probably one of the first times Sunny has actually worn such attire and her glamorous body is apparent to see.

This episode of “Invincible Youth 2” should air on Saturday March 10 and I’m sure there is now a few more people interested in watching this show now. You can watch the preview yourself by clicking the Blue IMAGE2PLAY arrow on the corner of this picture