On July 17th through a community website a post with the title “Taeng-Gu’s New Self-Camera Picture” and had photos of Taeyeon. (Taeng-Gu is a cute nickname of Taeyeon’s)

There are four images of Taeyeon making pretty smiles, looking shocked, and also being cute. The pictures feature Taeyeon’s perfect skin and beautiful lips.

Netizens that have come across the picture wrote, “So cute,” “You look best in natural make up,” “So very cute…”

Currently, SNSD will hold a concert on July 23rd and 24th in Seoul’s Olympic Park Sports Arena. This concert will be the second solo-concert for SNSD in South Korea. Also, on July 18th SNSD held their final Japanese tour concert in Fukuoka. The tour had begun from May 31st and was held in six cities, totaling 14 concerts.

Source: Star News