Members of nine member girl group SNSD visited Sooyoung who was recently placed in the hospital after facing a car accident.

On the 30th, SM Entertainment told Star News, “After Sooyoung was placed in a hospital in Seoul, all the members visited in wishing for a quick recovery” and “Sooyoung gained a lot of strength after the visit of the SNSD members.”

At 9AM on the morning of the 28th, Sooyoung faced a car accident in which she collided with another driver at a local neighborhood gas station in Jukjeon while being on the southbound lane on the Gyeongbu highway as she was headed towards doing charity work.

According to SM, “Sooyoung was on her way in doing charity work by helping those who are blind” and “Because the opposing driver had carelessly crossed into her lane, Sooyoung had collided with the other car, causing the accident to occur.”

Continuing on from this, they said, “Sooyoung fractured her sacrum vertebrae and she will be focusing on receiving treatment in order to recover quickly. Sooyoung will not be attending the schedules that were already fixed.”

Following the word of SM, Sooyoung will not be able to attend “SM TOWN LIVE Tokyo Dome” which will be held on September 2nd, as well as the upcoming Taiwan concert for SNSD due to her injury.

As of right now, Sooyoung is currently in the hospital receiving treatment and recovering.