It was revealed by SM Entertainment on the 22nd that SNSD’s “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour” to be held in Seoul on July 23rd and 24th will be shown to the whole world through their official Facebook page, a treat for international fans for sure!

According to SME, there will be performance footage, pictures of the girls backstage and videos from their press conference for fans to check out on SM Town and Girls’ Generation Facebook pages. For fans who cannot attend the concert, this is certainly a great surprise!

Meanwhile, the Girls’ Generation Facebook page which has officially opened on July 22nd, will be a place for fans all over the world to interact with the girls! 

The girls have just wrapped up their Japanese tour with a great success, their Seoul concert is taking place at Olympic Gymnastics Arena on July 23rd and 24th!

SME posted the first of many concert videos earlier today. The Korean version of “Mr. Taxi” was performed for the very first time on the 23rd. 

Source: Korean Star Daily