F(x)’s Krystal revealed today on “Golden Fishery’s Radio Star” that her sister Jessica of SNSD stole her money during their younger years.

One of the MCs on the show, Shin Jung Hwan mentioned how Jessica once explained on air crying that she was very sorry for not treating her sister well. He then asked Krystal to elaborate on the situation.

Krystal explained that since the two were sisters, they fought a bit prior to Jessica’s debut and that Jessica would even steal her clothes and money. The MCs of the show were quite surprised to hear such a tale.

When further asked on whether the two sisters’ clothing styles were similar, Krystal responded, “We have very different styles now. Jessica unnie likes cute pink outfits, whereas I prefer down to earth styles.”

F(x) released their first mini album “NU ABO” this past April and is currently promoting it via music programs and entertainment shows.


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