Recently one of SNSD’s demo songs was leaked on the internet and they have stated that this will not be going into the new album.

On the list of songs for the copyright association of South Korea, a song titled “Hikkup” by Andrew Jackson was on the list.

Fans then looked up the song through Andrew Jackson and released the song in a clip on Youtube with the title “SNSD’s Official 3rd Album Demo Song.” Netizens were wondering if this was an actual leak of one of the songs that would be on the album.
SM Entertainment stated, “Hikkup won’t be on the official album that will be released in South Korea. Also, this wasn’t information that should have been revealed but it happened through a mistake by an outside publishing company.

Currently the clip was deleted by request of the agency. Also the information that was on the Copyright Association of South Korea has now been changed to a confidential status.
SNSD will release a new album this coming fall and promote the album in South Korea. SNSD is currently working on their new album.