SNSD predicts success regarding their Japanese promotions by revealing, “On our way to Japan, our plane was hit by lightning.


In an interview inside their chartered plane to America, SNSD stated, “We experienced something scary last month on our way to Japan for our showcase.  The center of the plane was hit by a strong lightning bolt.  It was so vivid that we could see it from the cabin.”


Fortunately, there was no accident, as they went on to interpret the omen by stating, “That moment was scary but we thought of it as an omen of success.  Even on the day of our music video filming in Japan, there was lightning in the sky, causing a halt in the filming.  I think we’re in for something big.”


One of the popular theories of the Korean music industry, is that being met with a casual accident such as power outages during music video recordings, means that it’s a sign of upcoming success.


SNSD’s Sooyoung laughed while stating, “I knew that we’d do well in Japan because of it.”


This wasn’t their only omen though, as there was a random fire in the hallway from their waiting room to the showcase set on the 25th.  Yuri and the members smiled brightly, once again stating, “We like to think of all of these cases as a sign of future success.”


Their “Oh!” music video also had a fire accident during the middle of filming, in which soon after, Oh! became a huge hit.


SNSD will be releasing their first Japanese single on the 8th.