Taeyeon (SNSD) and Taecyeon (2PM) were uploaded online yesterday. In her photo, Taeyeon is lying on her bed, hugging a green pea pod cushion, and “scowling” at the camera. Her cute photo is a direct contrast to her mature and sexy image she recently displayed last weekend at the “2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR” concerts in Seoul. Netizens responded,  “She looks best when she’s doing something adorable,” “Soooo cute~” and “She’s such a cutie and a kid. I can’t believe she’s already 23…” 

2PM’s Taecyeon also uploaded a playful photo of himself on his twitter yesterday. In the picture, he’s resting his chin on a green pillow, making a shocking expression that’s somewhat reminiscent of the sour candy WARHEADS character. Netizen also commented, “So cute,” “He looks like a manhwa [cartoon] character,” and “Good night oppa~”