SNSD’s Tiffany just turned 22 on August 1st! And to celebrate this special occasion, fans from around the world placed a special newspaper advertisement wishing her a happy 22nd birthday.

In the advertisement placed by CISTUS, SNSD’s official fan café, the fans opened up by saying, “We really missed you and finally got to see you. We saw your still-beautiful eye-smiles and bright face.” Expressing their love for Tiffany’s cute and adorable smile, and longing for her return to TV, the fans told her to look after her health and promised to keep supporting her forever.

“August 1st is…the 23rd birthday (in Korean age) of Tiffany, who always gives us happiness with her bright smiles. We would like to sincerely celebrate your birthday with all our hearts and love for SNSD and Tiffany,” concluded the message.

CISTUS also visited a children’s house to do volunteer work on July 17th in celebration of Tiffany’s birthday. In partnership with Taiwan’s “Tiffany’s House” fan club, CISTUS will deliver a special gift as well to the SNSD member.