SNSD’s Yuri hidden songwriting talent has now revealed! Yuri participated in both behind-the-scenes and delivery of their third mini album entitled “Hoot”.

SNSD’s “Hoot” consists of five different songs and features works from many famous producers and writers such as Wheesung, Jinu, Kenzie, and Hwang Hyun.

Yuri wrote the lyrics for “It’s My Fault (Mistake)“, which is SNSD’s first ever R&B ballad song. The lyrics is about the sweet emotions and feelings of a young girl.

Other songs include “First Snowfall (Snowy Wish)“, SNSD’s love song for young couples in the winter time, and “Best Friend“, a song that expresses the love and friendship between the members of SNSD. “Wake Up” declines in a more melancholic mood through its sad lyrics being delivered to a loved one.

Hoot” is scheduled to release its MV on October 27. And SNSD’s first “Hoot” promotion on Music Bank will be on October 29. So, better to catch them!!!


Source: Sports Donga