So Ji Sub was chosen as the model for the female underwear brand Vivian, announced by Vivian on August 4th.

A representative of Vivian explained, “We will not have detailed information about the underwear on the advertisements anymore, we believe that now a male model will be more than able to portray the image of a female underwear brand. So Ji Sub is the first male to be chosen to portray a female underwear model, he will give an emotional message unlike other female models.”

So Ji Sub is planned to portray a male that is all for his woman. The image that he will portray is of man that is a little bit inattentive, but is still able to think about the woman he loves and be there for her.

On July 22nd opened a café called, “Twosome Place by 51K” and also had a surprise appearance on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.”

Also, this fall the film “Only You” will be released, where So Ji Sub plays a man that is in love with a blind woman.