It has died down a bit in recent years, but at one point the debate regarding idols acting in dramas and musicals was a much heated argument focusing on whether these idols were actually decent actors or not. During the recent press conference for upcoming SBS drama “Master’s Sun,” So Ji Sub revealed what his position was in this constantly evolving debate.

The idol acting debate has been a staple of the entertainment industry for years now. f(x)’s Luna previously talked about the hardships of being a idol musical actor, and we also had a report card about idol actors in 2012. It tends to be a commonly asked question and one that appears with regular consistency whenever a drama press conference occurs.

The press conference for “Master’s Sun” was no exception with So Ji Sub being asked what his views were regarding the whole debate. He begins off light heartedly by talking about how he also “Participates in the music scene occasionally and because of that I’m not really in a position to say anything. I need to be on their good side as well,” which garners laughs from the people present.


So Ji Sub then gave a more serious answer stating that “When idols come on set, they act like they are actors rather than idols. They are a pleasure to see because they work hard to make sure they don’t hear any bad comments. And fundamentally they all act well.”

He finishes off by saying that “No one is great when they first start” and that he hopes “That observers watch them a bit more open mindedly. I also have a lot to learn (about acting), and I was really bad when I started.”